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10 YEARS“ done the road ...

Whats the birthday of a band? The day they met first time in a practice space? The first show? The day the name came up? For Talco it's clear, its the release of their first record „Tutti Assolti“ in 2004, the first time they were holding their own record in their hands. It was the moment they realized, its not just a hobby or a band for them, like the others in which they played before. It#s the day a journey started ...

10 Years done the road, several records and hundreds of shows later - it's time to take a short look back. They do with their first live record, which is more for them than just a typical filler release. The core of Talco is their live show, the energy they bring on stage and turn over to the audience. Now they finally felt ready to bring that energy on Disc and so they recorded two shows in Pamplona in November '13 and made sure the atmosphere of these two nights is hear able on the record.

They also made sure the Tracklist is a Best-Off of their 5 studio records and they added a Bonus-DVD with 85 Min Documentary about the band. “10 Years” will be released late May / early June 2014 on Destiny Records, as CD / LP / Digital
…. but the journey just began
TALCO was born in Marghera , the industrial suburb of Venice/ Italy and started pretty much like any other band. Practices, shows, the first records and tours. After “Tutti Assolti” in 2004 their 2nd record “Combat Circus” was released in 2006 and they played their first important shows, especially Germany like the “Punkitalia Festival” or the “Move against G8” in Berlin. But beside all the steps they did after the German tour in November '07 the journey would have nearly ended.

Two long time members left the band, studio time was already booked also it was unclear how to even finance the record. But they made this crisis, came out of it with the line-up they still have till today and also the record “Mazel Tov” which was more than a turning point! With this record they simply found their sound somewhere between Punkrock/ Skapunk and Folk which often is described as “Patchanka”- a reference to the first record of Manu Chaos first band Mano Negra! The amount of shows, attention and fans steadily increased. Also the “Hidden Track” of the record called “St Pauli”, which the wrote after first time attending a game of the German soccer club took his own way and turned into one of the most popular songs of the band.

Early 2010 the song was re-released on a benefit MCD for the “Fanräume St Pauli”, an association of fans, which resulted into airplay during games in the stadium and also an invitation to the 100 Years St Pauli concert. In May 2010 they played among some of the most popular German bands in front of 22.000 people in the sold out Millerntor Stadium and beside not even having a real video for the song, the fan videos of “St Pauli” has meanwhile combined over 1.2 Million Hits on Youtube. Not bad for a hidden track!

Around the same time after selling out the legendary Berlin venue SO36 for the second time with over 800 people, they signed in 2010 to the Kreuzberg/ Berlin based label Destiny Records, who released in August 2010 the fourth record “La Cretina Commedia”, Lyrically it is a concept record about the life and death of the Anti-Mafia activist “Peppino Impastato”. The highlights that followed this record around are nearly endless... With the first show on the record a dream for the band came true as they supported NOFX in Bologna, not knowing they would share in 2011 the stage with them and many other bands like Rise Against, Iggy Pop, The Offspring or Limp Bizkit on major festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Spain or Slovenia.

Beside all the shows they still found time to write and record their 5th record “Gran Gala”. Which was released Nov 28th 2012 again on Destiny Records. Again its lyrically a concept record, this time about the area of Berlusconi and his still present influence on the country! Nearly exactly 100 shows followed in the 12 month after with over 30 each in Spain and Germany, including their biggest festival show up to now on Vina Rock/ Esp and their biggest headlining show in Berlin where 1300 (!) people came out to see them... But all this is no reason to stop or relax and for 2014 another 100 shows are on the plan following the release of the liverecord, including their first tour in Japan...

TALCO is not a band they came out of nowhere, its a band that shows that you can make it with hard work, dedication, with rockstar attitude, good records and energetic liveshows! They neither had radiohit or major advertisment and while still underrated by some, they continue to do their way... and somehow it still fells the journey that began 10 Years ago just picks up even more speed and rather began, then its somewhere close to the end...
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