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neodyn invites: Warehouse Edition

DJs: Kineta, Hyperaktivist, Anastasia Kristensen & CTRLS, Mac Declos, Blue Hour
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neodyn invites: Warehouse Edition

The neodyn crew invites to their next ride! This time in a huge warehouse setting and a massive lineup at Astra Kulturhaus! Expect 10 hours of best music of techno and trance. The lineup is promising with internationally known names in the scene!



Anastasia Kristensen's greatest gift is to weave an electrifying sonic thread through her DJ Sets. She gathers sounds from a vast array of styles, enthusiastically researches off-grid electronics and blends them together through an adventurous, ifnotinfectious, mixing technique. Dance oriented Avantgarde-that is exactly her edge.

The Ctrls project was founded In 2012. From the first release the presence of a highly individual sonic style was apparent and his fast paced and futuristic techno based sound has now been well established with a stream of respected music on labels such as Token Records, Earwiggle, Micron Audio, Mechatronica and Key Vinyl. A lifelong devotee of electronic dance music, DJ’ing and live performance are central for the project.

Hyperaktivist by name and by nature, Ana Laura Rincón is as dynamic as she is disruptive. Blending groove-ridden techno, psychedelic-tinged trance and rhapsodic old- school house, the DJ’s percussive persuasion ricochets through her every endeavour.

Alpha Tracks is a producer and DJ based in Vienna.
The music of Alpha Tracks is mainly produced live on analog machines, often with different guest musicians, focussing less on technical fetishism than on live dynamics of studio collaborations. The result is a sound
that refers to the rave era of the early nineties.

Oprofessionell is one of the co-founders of the Oslo-based trance collective ‘Ute’ and the record label ‘Ute.Rec’. With a wide spectrum of releases under different aliases and projects, he has become a central figure in the trance scene the last couple of years with his innovative take on the genre. A distinctive sound of neo-trance blending modern trance sounds with 90s inspirations, playing with feelings like euphoria and psychedelia.

Blue Hour — a time of day similar to dawn, dusk and the three stages of twilight. It doesn't have one definition, and its colour is neutral, not blue. Like Luke Standing's alias 'Blue Hour' suggests, his sound doesn't slip into any one category. The Berlin-based producer, DJ and head of the ‘Blue Hour Music' record label blurs the lines between Acid Techno, old school Rave, Breakbeat, Jungle and Leftfield to create a mirage of hazy euphoria and explore a narrative of timeless music unbound by geography and scene

Berlin based DJ, cratedigger, producer and neodyn resident Anterist being truly at home on the dancefloor himself.
Uncompromising Techno combining timeless rhythm-infused hardgroove with hands-on inescapable grooves from the past as well as some own productions.

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