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Since 1988, Cannibal Corpse have been at the forefront of death metal, having helped shape and define the genre, and creating a seminal, incomparable body of work in the decades that followed. In 2023 they released their latest monstrous album Chaos Horrific, marking the newest chapter in their legacy. Written closely after the conclusion of the Violence Unimagined sessions (2021) due to the pandemic preventing them from touring like usual, echoes of that album exist in Chaos Horrific, but this is a whole new beast of its own.

Cannibal Corpse continues to uphold their legacy as they sonically progress and evolve with each and every release, never repeating themselves and working hard to make every song unique. The four-week-tour in late September 2024 brings along an explosive package to set the stages ablaze: thrash-metal veterans Municipal Waste, New York Death Metal quartet Immolation and extreme metal newcomers Schizophrenia team up to support Cannibal Corpse during their intense trip through 15 countries!


Thrash should leave you breathless, busted-up, and maybe even a little drunk (in a cutoff deni vest adorned with barely legible patches). Since 2001, Municipal Waste have uncom- promisingly stuck to their guns as hard-partying and even harder-hitting torchbearers of 21st century thrash metal. The Richmond, VA quintet has transformed from a cult favorite into metal mainstays for a generation. The guys have sold out countless shows on multiple continents and piled up tens of millions of streams in the process. 2017’s Slime and Punishment bowed in the Top 3 of the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart, and The Last Rager EP only accelerated their momentum in 2019. However, Municipal Waste maintain course as vicious and vital as ever on 2022’s Electrified Brain released via Nuclear Blast.


Just as one can smell a storm swelling on the horizon, the cataclysmic tremor that is Immolation unleashed its latest, immense creation: Acts Of God, realeased 2022 via Nuclear Blast. This 11th studio album serves as the next chapter of Immolation's Death Metal epic. With 5 long years passed since the last studio album Atonement, Acts Of God vigorously showcases Immolation's ability to consistently create fascinating sounds, while still keeping their feet firmly rooted in the old school, New York Death Metal for which they are renowned. Firmly aligned with Nuclear Blast Records, the often coveted sound of Immolation has reemerged from the depths of a cursed and cruel world to illuminate our minds and ears with exquisite, sonic destruction.


Back in January 2020, Schizophrenia came out of nowhere with their debut EP ‘VOICES' to hit the Extreme Metal underground like a bomb. The big question was: would these youngsters from Antwerp, Belgium be able to top this with their debut full-length album? Answer: WOW, HELL YES! Schizophrenia have crafted a pure Deathrash diamond on which the band is displaying everything that Extreme Metal has made so legendary over the past decades! Their debut full-length RECOLLECTIONS OF THE INSANE is going even further in every aspect, sometimes even flirting with some melodic Death/Black Metal influences!

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