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FRICTION FEST - the name says it all: our mission is to create friction between different genres and styles of music, mainly within the rock realm, but open in any possible direction. We aim to establish an international forum for bands and artists who are committed to exploring new sounds and taking things one step further than your average rock or metal band. In doing so, we intend to set a counterpoint to the prevalent festival routines which perpetuate musical boredom and mediocrity by offering only bands from a very narrow musical spectre.
FRICTION FEST, instead, is a festival for music lovers - for people who love the Cocteau Twins as much as the Swans or Napalm Death. A spirit of daringness and willingness to experiment and push boundaries is the leitmotif that unites all artists performing at FRICTION FEST and ourselves, the promoters. However, we never want to forget where we come from: the glorious land of rock n' roll, home of the riff!
Line Up:

Main Stage:
16:30-17:00 The Pattern Theory
17:30-18:00 Hacride
18:30-19:00 Master Musicans of Bukkake
19:35-20:05 Wolves In The Throne Room
20:55-21:55 The Ocean
22:45-23:45 Entombed
00:05-01:10 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

Second Stage:
16:00-16:30 Fredy Rotten
17:00-17:30 Der Weg Einer Freiheit
18:00-18:30 Château Laut
19:00-19:30 Monotekktoni
20:05-20:45 Arms & Sleepers
21:55-22:45 PG.Lost