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THE ADICTS sind nun offiziell Teil der Arising Empire-Familie.

Zur Feier dieser Ankündigung veröffentlicht die Band ihre erste Single 'Picture The Scene' am 1. September als 7"-Single, die weltweit auf 1000 Stück limitiert ist.

Holt euch jetzt die limitierte 7"-Single 'Picture The Scene' hier:

Die Band wird ihr 11. Studioalbum diesen Herbst via Arising Empire in Europa und UK und via Nuclear Blast in den USA veröffentlichen. Bald schon gibt weitere Infos über das neue THE ADICTS Album.

Unvergelichlich mit ihrem Clockwork Orange Droog Aufzug, infizierende Energie, hohe Geschwindigkeit der Musik und unvergeßliche Auftritte, THE ADICTS sind in der Scene bekannt, seitdem sie sich 1975 in Ipswich, England, gegründet haben.

Diese Punk Legenden werden weiter eine Höllenparty feiern.


Monkey - Gesang & Essstäbchen

Pete Dee - Lead Gitarre

Kid Dee - Schlagzeug

Little Dave – Bass Gitarre


BAD CO. Project was brought into being in early 2006 and basically resulted from the split up of OXYMORON in late 2002.On his own now and kind of restless without his old band, the OXY's mastermind & singer Sucker wasn't about to take it lying down however.
Having moved back to Berlin, he eventually recruited Andy, the drummer for MAD SIN - and together they recorded an album with songs Sucker had actually written for his former band, as well as some of his new stuff.

So this record called "Sucker Stories" came out five years after the last OXYMORON release, featuring 14 tracks and each of them was said of to be "bearing Sucker's typical signature and his remarkable voice..."

When the call for live shows was ringing out at last, a motley crowd from various bands of the Berlin punk scene gathered around these two partners in crime. And so finally - with Stephan (TOWER BLOCKS), Billy (Ex-TROOPERS/POKES) and Marti (FRONTKICK) joining them - the band BAD CO. Project was born...

Since september '07 the line-up is complete, and this five-piece gang has been rocking the stages for a while now - including a tour in Japan with COBRA and some East Coast shows in the USA - playing many festivals but small clubs as well...

At last after their latest album "Mission Mohawk" there's a brand new one in the pipeline - ready to be recorded soon.
No matter how long it finally takes (this bunch of lazy cunts) to put it out - they will hit the road for more...!

So "Beware"... the Berlin Rockers are coming!!!


Kreuzberg Street-Ale Punk-Rock

BREW36 blends members of Offenders & The Real Mckenzies to bring a uniquely crafted punk rock n' roll sound.
Forget any other taste, Brew36 hits you hard at first sip! Smooth and rough taste, singalongs and melodic anthems...that's the brew for the street kids!

With a name that pays homage to drinking in the streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin where the band first met, BREW 36 combines members of Offenders & The Real McKenzies to deliver a uniquely crafted punk rock ‘n' roll blend that hits hard right from the first taste.

Forget any other recipe - strong melodies and robust sing-alongs make BREW 36 the street kids brew of choice.Familiar with each others’ reputations as rock ‘n’ roll road dogs, Valerio and Checco (Offenders) and Vlad (The Real Mckenzies), were eager to play together, and made quick work of turning talk into action when the idea was born to form a power trio that mixes 80s British Oi with 90s American punk.After months of sharing demos long-distance to nail down the band’s epic sound, BREW 36 reunited back in Kreuzberg to record their debut full length LP, “Our Brew” for Longbeach Europe.

“Our Brew“ hits stores in November 2016

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