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GWF x RevPro Double Impact 1
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GWF x RevPro Double Impact 1

Electrifying Showdown: GWF and RevPro Present a Wrestling Spectacle in Berlin
Prepare for a two-day wrestling marathon as the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) and Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) bring you a spectacular double event in Berlin on August 30th and 31st. This alliance features Europe's elite wrestlers, offering a display of raw power, agility, and charisma. Don't miss the chance to witness two days of the most thrilling wrestling, perfect for both longtime enthusiasts and newcomers.

Two-Day Ticket Savings: More Wrestling for Less
Choose our two-day tickets for a complete experience and enjoy significant savings. Each day begins at 14:00, wrapping up in time for a short stroll to the WWE event. With these tickets, you won't miss a moment of the WWE PLE Shows in Germany and get to enjoy a substantial discount.

Ticket Pricing and Discounts:
Row 1 (Front Row): 79€ per day.
Rows 2-3: 59€ per day.
Row 4: 49€ per day.
Standing Room: 29€ per day.

Stay Refreshed and Energized
As you enjoy the matches, keep refreshed with our selection of chilled drinks at the bar. The dynamic crowd, filled with cheers and excitement, will add to the vibrant experience, making these shows unmissable.

Witness the Beginning of a New Era
This unique collaboration between GWF and RevPro is not to be missed. Get your tickets now to be part of every moment from 14:00. Feel the energy, see the spectacle, and enjoy two days of unparalleled wrestling entertainment.

Secure your tickets today for this extraordinary two-day wrestling event in Berlin. Experience the powerful collaboration of GWF and RevPro like never before, with great savings on two-day tickets!

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